Young Teacher


Your true companion in the Classroom.

And outside...

Teachers, have a look at the list of features below. You will be glad, finally something is going to take a few burden off your shoulders, not mounting new ones...


paperless attendance

Say goodbye to filling those bulky registers. Conduct daily attendance right from your smartphone. 

Absenteeism automatically notified to parents via SMS

All attendance calculations done for you - just download the sheet and keep it for record

send regular feedback to parents

writing student's feedback in diary and hoping that parents would check it regularly is like hoping for rain in sahara 

Parents do regularly check their mobile though - may be 10 times an hour. So how about letting them know their kid hasn't done the homework via ClassUp?

Well, that's just one example - share great news as well. Like your son has been selected to deliver welcome speech at annual function

And be rest assured. Your number never flashes on parent's mobiles.


online homework & assignments

Just click the pic of homework written on black board or assignment printed on sheet of paper.

Parents get it on their ClassUp app. 

So convenient! Also helps you to keep record of homework & assignment

share pics & videos

parents, particularly those of smaller kids are curious to know about happenings in classroom

With ClassUp sharing pics & videos is so easy - just click or record and share from within the app. 

With all the parent or selected few - choice is yours

share pic2.jpeg

stress free exam times

Its exam times and your tension is on the rise.

So many marks to enter, but too few desktops in school - Often, you have to wait in queue to get the system to do marks entry.

And this is not enough if you are a Class Teacher - even bigger task to coordinate with fellow teachers, consolidate marks, prepare result analysis sheets and then report cards

With ClassUp its a different story - just enter marks in the app. Rest all will be done for you automatically - from green sheet preparation till report card generation. You remain relaxed like never  before1


enhanced parent teacher collaboration

Thanks to ClassUp's 2-way communication, teachers and parents take their association to whole new level.

With regular updates, parent better understand their child's challenges and become partner with teachers throughout the education journey.

The ultimate result is better learning outcomes