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Welcome. We’re ClassUp, and we aren't just another school ERP.

ClassUp is an integrated App based Analytics driven platform that with multi faced roles - ERP, 2-way Parent Teacher Communication, AI driven Analytics, and much more.

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Window to your child's classroom

With ClassUp, you are connected with your child's school no matter where you are.
Get real time updates on your mobile - HW, Test Marks, School events videos, Teacher's feedback, holiday notifications...

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ClassUp is a help. Not burden!

Frustrated with your desktop ERP? Complicated? Cryptic?

ClassUp is a breeze. It's a  mobile app, can be used anytime, anywhere. Inside classroom and outside. Unbelievably easy to use.

School Management & Principals

ClassUp is your end of worries

Till now you have only compromised in the name of ERP:

Outdated technologies. Broken Functionalities

Incomplete implementation. Exuberant costs. Pathetic support

And now you have ClassUp

Built on the latest mobile centric technologies, ClassUp incorporates the functionalities most needed by your teachers, staff, parents and most important -You


Backed by world class support at an unbelievable price 

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Our Clients


"Our school started using ClassUp two years back. Thanks to its app based simple interface our teacher use it even after school. By effectively engaging parents, we have achieved significant improvements in performance of our students"

Dr Pramila Upadhyay | Principal | Gitanjali Public School, Bhopal

"We had an ERP which was desktop based and teachers had to line up because there were only a few computers in school. Ultimately it was abandoned. Then our school switched to ClassUp. Because ClassUp is an app so I can use it anytime. I am in constant communication with parents without compromising on my privacy. With ClassUp, our bond with parents has strengthened "

Ms Shabana Zahir | Teacher | RD International School, Greater Noida

"We are working couple and often come home late. Sometimes we have to go out of country. With ClassUp we get all the updates from our child's school in real time. We can also raise our concern and queries with ClassUp. We are now a partner with school in our child's education journey"

Mrs Swati & Mr Rohit Bhatia | Parent 



With ClassUp we are addressing a real pain point of Education sector.

That  of a communication platform that can bring together teachers and parents in the education journey of a child

And of an ERP that really caters to the unique IT needs of schools. Help them bringing efficiencies, reduce cost and get more admissions.

A vast untapped market with 1.6 millions schools and 250 million students is awaiting

Invest in us and get multi-X ROI faster!


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